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Day of Surgery
Post Surgery

Post Surgery

Immediately Following Surgery. If IV sedation was administered, you will awaken shortly after surgery and be escorted to the recovery room. Your mouth will feel numb from the local anesthesia which will help keep you comfortable and pain free. You'll bite down on gauze to help reduce bleeding, and the gauze will be replaced periodically by the assistant. Most people rest for 20-30 minutes before being ready to go home. During this time, you will become increasingly awake and alert and gradually be able to standup by yourself. Rarely, nausea or vomiting may occur. If it does, it often resolves spontaneously. You may be given some pain medication which will begin to work as the numbness wears off. This helps to keep you comfortable in the coming hours.

Going Home. When you are ready to go home, the assistant reviews detailed post-operative instructions with you and your escort, both verbally and in written form. You will be given a home-care kit that contains gauze, ice packs, written instructions, office contact information for questions or emergencies, and an appointment card for follow-up visit. You are then escorted to the car.

Follow-up visit. Your follow-up is usually a 5 minute visit to evaluate healing, remove sutures if necessary, and give other recommendations for continued healing.